KEYNOTES In these uncertain times, don't risk your event by hiring a speaker that doesn't bring the A Game. TRUST ANTHONY TO DELIVER!
KEYNOTES In these uncertain times, don't risk your event by hiring a speaker that doesn't bring the A Game. TRUST ANTHONY TO DELIVER!


Anthony Huey is consistently rated as an event’s number-one speaker. Anthony is guaranteed to fire up any audience, and provides attendees with pragmatic information they can use immediately. Each and every keynote speech is customized, entertaining, full of useful information and uses real-life video examples to illustrate important points. NO boring PowerPoint presentations!

Learning Keys

•  Identify the 3 traits successful leaders have in common.

•  Discover the power of perception and first impressions.

•  Unlock the secrets to making a connection with anyone.

•  Overcome the most common barriers to achieving your “It Factor.” 

•  Learn how to create the “It Factor” for your entire organization.


Talk Like a Leader: Finding Your "It Factor."

Ignite the “spark” inside you. We’ve all met someone with intangible qualities that draw others in and make them say, “Wow!” Some call it charisma, magnetism, or the “it factor,” but it’s nearly impossible to define. Until now. You can’t touch the “it factor,” but you can immediately feel when someone has it. This fast-paced, pragmatic and interactive keynote gives audience members practical and immediately implementable approaches to bringing the “it factor” to not only themselves, but their organization.

Learning Keys

•  Arm yourself with a reputation-saving crisis response framework.

•  Gain 10 battle-proven tips to survive any crisis and live another day.

•  Discover how to control social media when things get tough.

•  Buy your team time when the hard questions get asked. 

•  Overcome the biggest mistake companies make in a crisis.

•  Learn how to easily “plug the holes’ in your current crisis plan. 

•  Understand how to win in the court of public opinion.



Crisis! Are You Ready?​

Don’t let 30 years of hard work get destroyed in 30 Seconds. Somewhere within every organization, a crisis is waiting to happen. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year or even in five years; you can’t be sure what the crisis will be or when it will strike. But you can be sure that a crisis will put your organization’s hard-earned image and reputation up for grabs. The old adage, perception is reality, has never been more true than in today’s superficial, hyper-critical and social media-driven world. This timely and highly-entertaining keynote offers actionable keys to swaying internal and external perception during a negative event.

Learning Keys

• Breakdown the differences between great, average and bad      communicators.

• Turn mediocrity (or worse) into engaging verbal communications.

•  Develop messages that are strategically crafted to achieve your objectives.

•  Recognize the ways your body language affects how you are perceived.

•  A revolutionary new way to organize content to increases effectiveness of verbal presentations, sales calls, meetings and more. 


Making Your Messages Memorable

Stand Up. Stand Out. And Stand Apart! Whether you realize it or not, your communication skills are constantly being judged by others, often subconsciously. How you communicate in everything from casual conversations to formal presentations can be the difference between success and failure. Don’t miss what is often your only opportunity to connect and leave a lasting impression. This pragmatic keynote offers attendees battle-proven communications techniques to ensure they and their messages are remembered.

Learning Keys

• Gain clarity on the power the news media have in swaying public opinion.
• Learn how to identify a real story from “fake news.”
• Discover the media “trigger words” designed to separate, alienate and vilify.
• Breakdown what really drives the stories you see online, on TV and in print.
• Ask the questions that will help ensure you’re not a victim of media manipulation.
• Identify three strategies to protect your family and business from misinformation.


Perception is Truth.

There are immense powers in this country that are neither elected by the people nor regulated in any way. They have the ability to take down governments, ruin companies and control the very way you think. In this thought-provoking keynote you’ll be taken inside both traditional and social media during the country’s most recent events and learn how the old adage ‘what people perceive, is what they believe’ has never more true. Discover how today’s world is being shaped by an insidious force and the role you play in protecting our democracy.

WORKSHOPS In these uncertain times, don't risk your event by hiring a speaker that doesn't bring the A Game. TRUST ANTHONY TO DELIVER!
WORKSHOPS In these uncertain times, don't risk your event by hiring a speaker that doesn't bring the A Game. TRUST ANTHONY TO DELIVER!

Great as stand-alone workshops or conference breakout sessions.

Take a deep dive with these highly interactive, hands-on sessions that teach effective ways to communicate your message clearly to a wide variety of audiences you deal with every day, including customers, prospects, internal staff, boards of directors, management, community partners, the news media, elected officials, investors and many others.

Multi-Day Programs

2 or 3 Day Options

Our multi-day programs are perfect for organizations that want a thorough understanding of any of our communications topics.

Making Your Messages Memorable

Your complete guide to clearly communicating.

Crisis Management Boot Camp

Total protection for your organization.

Media Relations Crash Course

An Insider​'s Guide to working with the news media.

Design Your Own!

Custom-designed program for your communications goals.

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