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Crisis Planning

Crisis Plan Review and Evaluation

Have an existing crisis communications plan? We will review it and provide feedback on areas for improvement. Billed hourly.

Crisis Plan Template

Choose our battle-proven crisis plan template developed over the course of 25 years of "in-the-trenches" crisis counsel. Delivered in Microsoft Word format and includes two hours of consultation to help you customize to your organization.

Comprehensive Customized Crisis Plan

Reputation Management will provide your organization a completely customized crisis communications plan based on nearly 25 years of crisis management experience.

Crisis Training and Drills

Crisis Training

Our highly-engaging training workshops, seminars and boot camps are consistently rated as the best training attendees have ever attended (on any topic) in their entire career. We have never, in nearly 3,000 training sessions, received an average rating. Our sessions are polished, very entertaining and pragmatic. Our hands-on approach leaves attendees armed with knowledge and practical tips that can be used immediately to protect their hard-earned reputation. Click here to learn more.

Crisis Drills

Working with you in advance, we create a customized and REALISTIC scenario that drill participants must successfully navigate during a 'close to real-life' crisis communications drill. Participants will engage in assessment, strategy and practical execution of communications skills during several 'live-fire" exercises, each followed by evaluation and critique. This is one of the most effective methods to judge your team's preparedness to successfully survive a crisis.

In-a-Crisis Response

In-a-Crisis Counsel

24/7 access to a crisis expert. The single purpose for preparing to manage unplanned attention caused by a crisis situation is to survive the first minutes and hours of the crisis. The greatest misinformation, inaccuracy and error occur in that time frame. In-a-crisis, 24/7 access to a crisis expert is often the difference between success and failure. Use our expertise for strategic counsel, writing buy-time statements, news releases, messaging, etc.

Crisis Response Technology: CrisisDriver

One Platform. One Intuitive Solution.
Our proprietary incident response platform, CrisisDriver, is the industry-best incident alert and crisis communications solution that enables organizations to quickly and successfully manage any negative event. It's everything you need to alert the right people on your team and includes at-your-finger-tips access to key contact information, documents, news media monitoring and much much more. Learn more at


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