Communicating in a Crisis

Don’t let 30 years of hard work get destroyed in 30 seconds.


Somewhere within every organization, a crisis is waiting to happen. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year or even in five years; you can’t be sure what the crisis will be or when it will strike. But you can be sure that a crisis will put your organization’s hard earned image and reputation up for grabs. This timely session teaches attendees actionable keys to swaying internal and external perception during a negative event. Attendees will learn how to respond to questions briefly and directly, and learn how to control the flow of information in a crisis.

Session Details

  • Timeframe:  60 minutes minimum up to 6 hours maximum.
  • Includes several real-world video examples of Anthony’s clients controlling a crisis.
  • All 3-hour+ in-person sessions include realistic mock news interviews of session attendees in front of our camera, followed by detailed critiques.


Learning Keys

Planning for a Crisis

Arm yourself with a reputation-saving crisis response framework.

Communicating in a Crisis.

Overcome the biggest mistake companies make in a crisis.

Managing Social Media in a Crisis

Discover how to control social media when things get tough.

Controlling the News Media

Buy your team time when the hard questions get asked.

Protecting Your Reputation

Gain 10 battle-proven tips to survive any crisis and live another day.

Filling the Reservoir of Goodwill

Understand how to win in the court of public opinion.

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