Sales Message CPR

Sales Advanced Selling Skills: Breathe new life into your sales pitch.


In today’s competitive business environment, even savvy sales executives are finding it difficult to separate their company from the competition. The difference between winning and losing the sale often rests on how well they communicate during the sales process. Unfortunately for many companies, ineffective sales messages, meaningless sales “puffery,” boring PowerPoint presentations, and mishandling customer questions do little to make them stand out. This highly interactive selling skills session introduces you to pragmatic communications concepts that will reboot your sales approach and infuse new life into your sales team. 


Session Details

  • In-Person or Virtual Session
  • Timeframe:  60 minutes minimum up to 6 hours maximum.
  • Attendees will participate in several hands-on, interactive exercises.


Learning Keys

Develop Killer Content

Learn how to breathe new life into stale sales messages.

Be More Memorable

New methods to grab a prospect’s attention and remember you.

Better Engage

How to infuse winning messages into every point of the sales cycle.

Overcome Objections

Advanced techniques to deal with difficult questions from customers.

Control the Sales Environment

Learn how to set up your team for success, whether in person, on the phone or on camera.

Reboot Your Sales Approach

Get all the secrets to standing on your feet and convincing.

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