Media Relations 101

Insider Secrets to a Re-Energized PR Program.


Hit the reset button on a stagnant media relations program. This highly entertaining session teaches you the PR pros’ secrets to using the news media to market a company or organization. Attendees will learn how to grab the attention of bloggers as well as mainstream print, radio and TV news reporters; how to leverage social media to reach traditional media; new ways to more effectively generate positive news and much more! This session uses real-life video examples to illustrate key teaching points.

Session Details

  • In-Person or Virtual Session
  • Timeframe:  60 minutes minimum up to 6 hours maximum.
  • Attendees will participate in several hands-on, interactive exercises.


Learning Keys

Reboot Your PR Program

Uncover four easy ways to re-energize your media pitches.

Better Engage with Reporters

Learn the steps to start building new media relationships and reconnecting with old contacts.

Focus on Social Media

Discover practical tips on converting social media messages to mainstream media placements.

Prepare a Proper PR Plan

Create a simple, yet effective 12-month media pitch calendar.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Discover the biggest mistakes people make and how to fix them.

Think Like a Reporter

Methods to start thinking like a reporter to get better results.

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