Better Body Language

What is your body language saying about you?

Professional actors are finely tuned to their emotions, enabling them to speak with the movement of a hand.  An effective spokesperson also makes use of body movements to convey appropriate emotion.


The following gestures and expressions are considered positive and convey personal interest and self-confidence:

  • Look people in the eye;
  • Lean slightly forward, if seated;
  • Make hand movements that occur naturally as a supplement to what you are saying;
  • Listen intently to anyone who asks a question;
  • Listen to what other people have to say.

The following gestures and expressions tend to be negative and convey tension and nervousness:

  • Inappropriate smiling, laughter;
  • Tightly clasped hands;
  • Hands gripping sides of chairs, tables, knees;
  • Hands toying with pencils, water glasses, buttons, microphones;
  • Drumming on the tabletop;
  • Tightening and loosening of jaw;
  • A ramrod straight, unnatural posture.

These movements convey impatience and discomfort:

  • Swinging legs;
  • Shifting in chair;
  • Shifting eyes.

These movements convey guilt and disinterest:

  • Casting eyes toward ceiling;
  • Failure to look at the audience;
  • Slouching posture;
  • Closing eyes.

Where in the World is Anthony?

Speaking in New Jersey tomorrow. PowerPoint Tip Number 1: Your audience can EITHER listen to you talk...OR... read your slides. Eliminate all complete sentences!

Spent afternoon in Orlando teaching Florida Realtors how to better facilitate hybrid meetings. In-person/virtual combo meeting tip 24: Try to call on as many virtual attendees as possible in the first 10 minutes to set expectations of participation.

Just wrapped second day working with construction contractors in Houston. Crisis response tip 1. Proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance: Have a plan. Do a drill. Don't know how? Get help. And don't wait. Because it'll be too late.

Speaking in Texas the next two days. Body Language Tip 7: While communicating seated, lean slightly forward, with hands above the table.

Spoke this morning in Minneapolis to Realtor association communications directors from all over the country. Q&A tip 64: Avoid trailing off at the end of sentences. Make eye contact and end strong.

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