Social Media Messaging

Are your messages making a connection on social media?

Most organizations have grown their social media presence as an extension of their brand and an added tool in their marketing mix.  But whether you are late to the game or have amassed a number of connections on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like, here are a few tips that we’ve found helpful to keep those online interactions pertinent.


Keep it meaningful

Think of social media in terms of real-life conversations.  Would you call a friend to tell them what you are eating for lunch?  Probably not.  But, would your friends be interested in an event you are planning or hearing information that could help them within their daily lives?  Probably.  There’s a slippery slope when it comes to what kind of information to share through social media networks.  Consider these questions before hitting that post button.  Is this information relevant, timely, entertaining, informative or helpful? If so, then post away.


Engage your audience

It’s no secret, everyone wants their opinion heard.  We’ve found that asking questions of your social media connections delivers the highest number of interactions.  Let’s face it, too, sometimes you need a second opinion.  Remember, questions you ask don’t have to be completely formal.  Have some fun, and think outside of the box to get that online conversation going.


Offer your expertise

Social media is all about building relationships.  If you are only sharing information about what is going on with your company and your life, and not taking time to listen then you are missing the point.  Make it a priority to be a resource for your connections.  Also, share information through your social media outlets that you have found helpful from your online connections (and credit the source).  Most importantly, if someone asks a question that you have a good answer to — take the time to answer them.


Develop your strategy

As social media is constantly evolving, your strategies will need to evolve too.  It helps to have a long-term plan that isn’t medium-specific, such as how to utilize your Facebook or Twitter presence, but rather goal specific.  Think of what you want out of your social media presence and then brainstorm ideas that can lead you closer to that goal, regardless of which medium you utilize.  After all, Facebook and Twitter aren’t necessarily here to stay, but social media certainly will be.

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