Letters to the Editors Work

Don't forget about this old-school marketing tactic in a social media world.

Even in today’s social media world, the letters to the editor columns are among the best-read sections of any newspaper, whether it is the Smalltown News or USA Today.  It is your link to the public.  But major newspapers get hundreds of letters each week and most run only a few letters a day.



The rules for getting your letter in the paper or being posted online:


  • Be timely.  If your letter is about news that’s three weeks old, nobody cares what you have to say
  • Be brief.  Keep it short, simple and to the point, under 200 words.
  • Have an angle.  Make sure your letter is different than the hundreds of others the newspaper receives.  Have a reason for them to run it.
  • Be sure it is well-written and typed.
  • Try to make reference to something that has been in the newspaper, especially in another letter to the editor.

Where in the World is Anthony?

Spent all day yesterday in Orlando working with Florida law enforcement officers. Q&A tip 68: Avoid "Deer in the Headlights" look with a "throwaway" line, a 5-second, perfectly memorized, meaningless phrase that comes spewing out of your mouth to buy you some think time.

Spent the last two days in my former hometown of Columbus, Ohio speaking at four different events. Messaging tip 19: Not all audiences (and platforms) should have the same message. Be relevant by being targeted.

Spoke today all day in Dallas at a Construction industry executive leadership conference. Q&A tip 17: Drop the person's name in the middle of the message you most want him or her to remember.

Speaking tomorrow in Dallas. Messaging tip 17: Start with the 20% you want your audience, prospects, employees, etc. to remember and build out messages from there.

Worked today in Richmond, VA with the executive team of a global chemical co. Crisis communications tip 46: Positive news stories NOW will protect your organization's reputation during a future crisis. Start building a "reservoir of goodwill." Think of it as a crisis "vaccine"

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